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McAdam: Fans already impatient with Red Sox rebuild, but it’s the owners who count

(Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox via Getty Images)

A quick perusal of social media over the weekend revealed that the Red Sox re-signing of Martin Perez may not have been the transaction that Red Sox Nation was breathlessly awaiting.

Most were --- how do we put this delicately? -- unimpressed.

The frustration is all too understandable. For fans wishing for a rebound from the team's moribund performance in 2020, bringing back a pitcher who had a 4.50 ERA wasn't going to lead to wild celebrations. Perez is a nice addition -- he pitched better than his numbers suggest, and properly slotted as a back-end starter, he'll offer value. But bringing him back merely brings the Red Sox back to ground zero.

And that, you'll recall, was squarely in the A.L. East basement, with the fourth-worst record in the game and the worst franchise record in better than 50 years.

Retaining Perez as the No. 5 starter is far better than, say, auditioning Jeffrey Springs or Chris Mazza for that role.

But again: where's the improvement?

It's likely that chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom is aware of the dissatisfaction felt by the team's fan base. He can read Twitter, and undoubtedly, the contents of his own inbox. He understands that more is expected from the franchise, and presumably, is at work on a plan, albeit one that's slow-moving.