Bedard: Just stop with the Brady/Belichick garbage, it’s never going to be black and white

Anybody who has read or listened to me over the years knows that when it comes to Tom Brady vs. Bill Belichick, I'm fairly down the middle. I don't have an allegiance to either side, and I've called both sides out for their respective faults.

I ripped Belichick for not surrounding Brady with enough talent on offense his final two seasons here while Belichick stocked up on defensive pieces that ultimately let him down. I called BS on Belichick's excuses about selling out in previous years even though Brady went to camp with a bunch of nobodies or has-beens and then Belichick threw stuff against the wall at the last minute (Antonio Brown, Mohamed Sanu) to fix the mess he created. That's no way to build an offense ... and could you spare a tight end ... ever?

I also got on Brady for no longer doing the offseason work here that helped make him and the offense great. And I dismissed any notion that Brady lacked input into the gameplans his final two seasons (they were decisions made by the coaching staff to maximize the talent on the roster — and Brady has turned the Bucs around by doing exactly what the Patriots did down the stretch in 2018 with focusing on the running game and throwing from under center ... funny how that works).

I don't have a horse in this Tom/Bill race. And I don't believe one will ever be proven right or wrong, as I said here on the day Brady stated his intentions to play elsewhere:

All will look at the scoreboard all throughout the season. What’s Tom doing? How are the Patriots doing? We’ll all be comparing and contrasting, and we’ll find some enjoyment out of that. But will that really tell us anything? The circumstances are so different with each team. Sometimes in sports, there aren’t always winners and losers.

And I'm still in that same place today. I just don't understand some of the talking points that are out there right now. Even with the Bucs in the NFC Championship Game, it doesn't tell me anything. I'll explain why with some of the popular talking points:

"Only Tom could have done this to the Buccaneers and Bruce Arians ... he's just a winner."