Bedard: Are we just going to gloss over the QB decisions that doomed Saints, Ravens?

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Normally, I wouldn't be talking about NFL games that didn't directly involve the Patriots the day after, but I just can't shake this thought from this weekend ... and it does somewhat relate to the Patriots and Jarrett Stidham.

The Ravens lost, in part, because they had no other alternative on the roster once Lamar Jackson left the game other than Tyler Huntley, an undrafted free agent ... from this year.

The Saints lost, in part, because Sean Payton declined to replace Drew Brees despite him clearly being physically compromised.

And no one is talking about this.

What are we doing here? What are those coaches doing there? Are they trying to win a championship?

And if you wanted to strengthen your argument about why Bill Belichick should have started Jarrett Stidham at some point in this failed season, this weekend gave you a little — not a ton of — ammunition.

My quibble with the Ravens has less to do with John Harbaugh than it does the front office. He doesn't have personnel say, although I'm sure he could have requested more quarterback help once Robert Griffin III and Trace McSorley went on injured reserve.

But Payton and the Saints? It sure seemed like everyone — from the Saints coaches to the television crew announcing the game — didn't want to say what was evident to everyone with eyes: Brees couldn't throw down the field and once the Saints fell behind by 10 with 4:57 remaining, New Orleans had no chance to come back in the game with Brees at QB. He should have been replaced.

But he wasn't. Why?