NFL Notebook: Jets’ Robert Saleh, like other defensive head coaches, faces uphill battle for sustained success

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Perhaps Robert Saleh will change the culture of the Jets to the point that it won't matter. Lord knows that place needs it in the worst way.

Maybe Saleh has it all mapped out in his mind how this is going to go, he's thought of all the possible landmines and he has just the plan to avoid them.

Chances are, however, that the Jets are going down a tough road that won't result in lasting success for them and Saleh, nevermind their quarterbacks.


Because Saleh's a defensive head coach, after a stint coordinating the 49ers' unit.

Putting aside the fact the Seattle-born Cover 3 defensive scheme is becoming a bit of a dinosaur against today's quarterbacks — Gus Bradley, Dan Quinn and the current Seahawks (they've given up more points each of the past four seasons than any other since Pete Carroll's first season in Seattle) say hi — there's the issue of the offensive side of the ball.

Even if Saleh or any other defensive head coach makes an absolute grand slam hire with his offensive coordinator, the chances are that OC — because NFL owners are consumed with offense and points — will be hired for a head coaching job within a year or two (or they'll just be a scapegoat and fired). Then you're either hiring a new OC with his own playbook and teaching everyone all over again, or you're promoting an understudy that usually isn't ready for primetime.

Think that's hyperbole?

- Kyle Shanahan left the Falcons for the 49ers ... and their offense was never been the same to the point Quinn was fired this year.
- Sean McVay left Washington for the Rams ... and the WFT was so bad it hired a new coach last year.
- Frank Reich left the Eagles for Indy ... and Doug Pederson (an offensive coach, but you get the picture) just got fired.
- Kevin Stefanski left the Vikings ... and Mike Zimmer is looking for another OC for a second-straight offseason.

Oh, and you can probably ask Mike Vrabel about this. After losing Matt LaFleur (Packers) after one season, and Arthur Smith (Falcons) after two, Vrabel is now looking for his third offensive coordinator heading into his fourth season.

Carroll, by the way, is also looking for a new OC in Seattle after firing Brian Schottenheimer, who replaced the fired Darrell Bevell.

What's the problem?