Video: Bedard and Felger watch film, discuss Bills QB Josh Allen

Appreciate Mike's time on this. While I would have preferred to really grind and discuss every play, you're never going to get that with Felger ... he goes a million miles a minute and doesn't have a lot of patience for my slower pace lol. But I appreciate him doing this and I think he saw some of what I was talking about, although this was a pretty good game from Josh Allen. Felger will still likely trash my opinion, but deep down I think he sees a little bit of what I'm talking about.

Look, the kid had a very good season overall (he is red hot right now). But after his first two seasons and things going really right for him and the Bills this year (including no fans in the stadium), I want to see him do this again next year before I believe. And many NFL people I've talked to are in the same boat (and Bill Belchick based on his comments).