NFL Playoffs: Tom Brady, Bucs survive against Taylor Heinicke, Washington; Bills advance

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Some thoughts on an interesting day of football, with three more games scheduled for Sunday:

Buccaneers 31, Washington 23

• If you would have told me this morning that Tom Brady and Bucs would go down to the wire against Taylor Heinicke and Washington after Alex Smith was inactive, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here we are.

• Both defenses played terrible. I'd say the Bucs' offensive line was the clear winner in this one.

• Brady did what he largely always does: pick apart Jack Del Rio defenses. Way too much zone and not enough pressure. It was similar to every previous Brady game against the Jaguars, Broncos and Raiders. Brady knows where the soft spots are.

•  “Certainly a lot to improve on, but great to get a win,” said Brady, who was 22 of 40 (55 percent) for 381 yards and 2 TDs. “If you could win 100-0, it’s going to be the same result in the end. You’d love to play great every game. I think it’s good to win and advance. ... We hit some big plays, made some chunks. I think just not scoring enough in the red [zone] was probably the thing that bothers us, missed a two-point play, had other opportunities to score but just didn't quite take advantage of it. We moved the ball OK. I think we had decent yardage but at the end of the day, it comes down to points and we've gotta do a better job scoring more points and we'll work on that next week."

• The Bucs just aren't