Podcast: Poke The Bear, Ep. 24 – The best/worst of 2020 for Bruins

Conor Ryan and Evan Marinofsky continue to break down the Boston Bruins’ offseason on Episode 24 of the Poke the Bear Podcast.

In this episode, Conor and Evan discuss some of the top Bruins’ moments of the last year. 

1:00 - What a horrible year
2:00 - Most memorable Bruins moment of the year
8:00 - What could've been if the 2019-20 Bruins weren't paused
14:00 - The 2011 Zoom call was the most fun moment of 2020
19:00 - Never forget the mom's trip
26:00 - Dallas and Boston always have great games
30:00 - Marchand's moment of the year

Of course, just a small bit of breaking news dropped just a few hours after we recorded our podcast this week.

As such, if you want our reaction to the news of Zdeno Chara’s departure, check out the video above.