Bedard: Will Cam Newton be ready for the speed of the Rams’ defense? Plus, game pick

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

As we've come to understand this season, Cam Newton does things at his own pace.

(Actually, he's been this way his entire career and his lack of urgency was one of our big concerns — along with his playfakes, ability to throw in the rhythm of the scheme, and mechanics — when he signed with the Patriots).

It's a deliberate pace ... in the huddle, out of the huddle, at the line, dropping back from center ...

It hasn't really been that big of an issue to this point considering the offensively-challenged Patriots need to soak up every second they can playing offense, to control the ball and the clock. And it seems to have a calming influence on the rest of the offense. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Well, look out Turtle ... here comes the Hare.

The Rams may have one of the fastest front sevens I've ever seen on film ... and it plays that way — just ask Tom Brady. He had one of his worst games of the season in a 27-24 loss to the Rams when he was rushed into completing 54.2 percent of his passes for 4.5 yards per attempt and two interceptions. And that was on Tampa's slower grass surface. The Rams will be at home tonight on their Matrix Turf.

A word of advice to Newton ... hurry the eff up.

We'll get into some of the ways the Patriots can offset the Rams' defensive speed in a minute, but at some point, the Patriots are going to be forced to pass, and Newton has to realize