Bedard: Sean McVay has been embarrassed twice vs. Patriots scheme, will he finally adjust?

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Sean McVay is a lot of things.

Highly intelligent. Organized. Great memory. Rich. Young. Innovative playcaller.

He's also a stubborn mule whose belief in himself sometimes costs his team games.

That's happened in his two games against the Patriots, or an offshoot of the Patriots: the Super Bowl LIII 13-3 loss to New England, and the 28-17 loss to Brian Flores and the Dolphins this season.

Watching both games, you can't help but think, "Is McVay watching the game? Why isn't he adjusting?"

The way Bill Belichick/Flores in 2019, and Flores/Josh Boyer defended the Rams was almost identical. And McVay just would not adjust and it killed his team's chances. Both games left him stunned and, basically, embarrassed.

“Coach Belichick did an outstanding job. There is really no other way to put it — I’m pretty numb right now — but definitely, I got out-coached,” McVay said after the Super Bowl. “I didn’t do nearly good enough for our football team.”

“Offensively, 100% didn’t do a good enough job on my part,” McVay said after the loss to the Dolphins. “... Didn’t handle some of the pressure earlier and that’s on me. I have to do a much better job for our team ... I have to do a much better job for this team and that’s what I’ll focus on for these coaches, for these players, and making sure you’re not sitting here with this pit in your stomach ... For us, not nearly good enough and mainly myself.”

Is the third time going to be the charm for McVay on Thursday night against the Patriots, or is he going to be taken to the woodshed again by the Patriots' Way?

Because in reviewing the Super Bowl, and the gamefilm against the Dolphins, McVay fell victim to the exact same main tactic: unrelenting pressure against quarterback Jared Goff, who does not adjust well to pressure.

A look back the Super Bowl, and then this year's version of the Rams offense: