Podcast & Video: Bedard Patriots Pod – LA Story: Chargers were pushovers, Rams won’t be

The Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast with Nick Cattles

Ep. 29: LA Story: Chargers were pushovers, Rams won't be

Josh Uche | Cam Newton | Jarrett Stidham | Rams


🏈 Recapping the 45-0 win

🏈 Is Josh Uche coming on? (7:00)

🏈 The power of the running game (11:00)

🏈 Cam Newton still has big issues (13:30)

🏈 Jarrett Stidham's stint (21:00)

🏈 Matchup vs. Rams (28:00)

🏈 Running game both ways is huge

🏈 BSJ Member Question: Why 3rd and 17 is different for a QB than 3rd and 11.

🏈 Pick 'em!

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