Bedard’s Breakdown: Despite blowout win, Cam Newton’s passing still a major concern for Patriots offense

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There will be some who will view the Patriots' 45-0 dismantling of the Chargers and think all is right in Patriotsland. Winning four of five games would further bolster that argument.

If you want to take that tact, I'm not going to argue all that much. 45-0 in the NFL is an impressive feat no matter who you play. That being said, if you want to just live by the scoreboard and stay in bliss until the next game, then you should probably stop reading. Because we're going to give you an unbiased accounting of Cam Newton's progress from his low point last week against the Cardinals.

It wasn't much better. And, yes, it's still a major concern as the Patriots stay in, basically, do-or-die mode until the end of the season if they have any postseason hopes.

This isn't rocket science. You all have eyes too. We've always known part of the formula with Newton