Podcast & Video: Bedard Patriots Pod – Throw the Damn Ball! Please? Chargers preview; Alex Smith

The Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast with Nick Cattles

Ep. 28: Throw the Damn Ball! Please?
Cam Newton | Jarrett Stidham | Chargers | Alex Smith


🏈 Cam Newton has an injury, what's going on?

🏈 Is it time for Jarrett Stidham? (:45)

🏈 The contract is an issue with benching Cam (2:45)

🏈 How do turnovers factor in? (9:30)

🏈 Does the locker room really care about contracts? (11:30)

🏈 Chargers defense is ripe for the taking (13:00)

🏈 How the Patriots defense can fool Justin Herbert (19:00)

🏈 Why does Bedard hate Alex Smith ... and Felger? (23:00)

🏈 Paths to the next QB (26:15)

🏈 LeGarrette Blount thinks he's a Golden God (30:30)

🏈 BSJ Member Question: Given Belichick's age, would he be tempted to leave for a better roster? (33:00)

🏈 Pick 'em!

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