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MLB Notebook: Red Sox executive Raquel Ferreira celebrates Kim Ng’s landmark hiring; Which players stand to benefit from Cora’s return?

(Barry Chin/The Boston Globe for Getty Images)

When the word began to circulate early Friday morning that Kin Ng was about to be the first woman appointed general manager of the Miami Marlins, Raquel Ferreira reached out to a colleague.

The community of female executives in Major League Baseball may be small, but it is nonetheless a close-knit group. So there was joy to share that, finally, one of their own had succeeded in smashing the proverbial glass ceiling.

"I was extremely excited,'' said Ferreira, executive vice president and assistant general manager of the Red Sox. "I was actually texting with Jean Afterman (executive VP with the Yankees) when the news came through. We were both very excited for her, as you can imagine. This has been a long time coming, so I was just thrilled for her. It's a great day for MLB and a great day for sports in general.

"I'm very happy for her.''

Ferreira knows Ng some -- "Our paths have crossed over the years'' -- but even if she didn't have a personal connection to the woman who made history Friday, there still would have been cause for celebration.

Ng began working in baseball for almost 30 years. When Ferreira was hired by the Red Sox as an administrative assistant in 1999, she was aware that there were already female trailblazers in the game, including Elaine Weddington Steward, who served as the Red Sox' legal counsel.

And yet, as happy as she is for Ng, there's the gnawing feeling that it shouldn't have taken this long to get this opportunity.

"If anyone was going to (be the first female GM), I would have bet on Kim,'' said Ferreira. "It can only get better (for women in the game) from here; it can't get any worse. If you look at her resume (which include long stints as assistant GM of the Yankees and L.A. Dodgers, plus almost a decade working in the commissioner's officer), she matches up with any other person who's taken over as GM, so hopefully, it's going to continue to progress in that direction (where more women are considered for openings).''

Ferreira knows that Ng will be under the microscope and some will be looking to see how she handles the challenge.

"I think there's always