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McAdam: As Red Sox prepare to welcome back Alex Cora, some answers are still due

(Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox via Getty Images)

On Tuesday afternoon, the Red Sox will (re)introduce their manager Alex Cora. It's a hiring that has largely been met with positive reaction from the team's fan base.

After all, Cora is associated with better days for the franchise, having led the Red Sox to their 2018 World Series victory, which followed a dominant regular season. His confidence, leadership skills and unique ability to relate to his players resonated with the fans, making him the club's most popular manager since Terry Francona.

Now that Cora has returned, there's a feeling that the Sox are, once again, headed in the right direction again. Of all the potential additions the team may make this offseason, it's not hyperbole to suggest that they have already made their most significant and popular one.

Still, Cora's triumphant return does not come with a completely clean slate. Following the completion of his season-long suspension by Major League Baseball for his actions during the 2017 season with the Houston Astros, Cora should be forthcoming about his actions then and make clear what steps he'll take to ensure that they don't happen again.

(Cora has partly done this in the team's press release last Friday afternoon, but some carefully worded apology on a piece of paper, some of which was likely guided by others, is insufficient. We need to hear the words from Cora himself.)

This isn't about shaming Cora in any way or suggesting that he's in need of salvation. But at the very least, Red Sox fans are owed an explanation of what happened three years ago and why. Providing this  will only help Cora and his employers move forward.