Bedard: Overreaction and the reality of the NFL from Sunday – Playoffs, AFC East QBs, Brady & more

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I don't know what it is about this year and the NFL — perhaps it could be Covid-related in that we didn't have much to talk about and were been cooped up for so long — but the overreaction is off the charts after every Sunday.

People — and actual folks who get paid to comment on the NFL — swing wildly back and forth that I'm surprised their heads don't snap off their necks.

Josh Allen is an MVP for four weeks, then he's not talked about, and now after one game against a terrible defense he's an MVP again. Tom Brady and the Bucs are Super Bowl champs for two weeks, now suddenly they're terrible and he's old. Drew Brees was old and washed up one week, now he and the Saints are Super Bowl contenders. Tua Taglovailoa is the greatest thing ever after beating the Cardinals.

If you want rational reality on those topics and more, then read on ...

REACTION: Sunday was not a good day for the Patriots' playoff hopes.

REALITY: True, to an extent.

The Bills being the last defense standing in Buffalo against the Seahawks was a huge blow to the Patriots' hopes for the division. Not only must the Bills now finish 2-5 to give the Patriots at legit shot at the division (most winnable games: at Arizona, vs. Chargers, at Broncos, vs. Dolphins), but the Bills got another game on the Patriots if it comes down to common opponents as Buffalo beat a team in Seattle that the Patriots lost to. Patriots will have to make that game up and hope the Bills lose to the Broncos.

Also, two of the teams the Patriots figure to be in contention with for a wild-card (Raiders, Dolphins) won their games, and the Browns were idle. At least the Colts lost to the Ravens.

Even with all that said, this is really all about the Patriots. If they don't