Bedard’s Breakdown: Cam Newton, Patriots’ offense got their groove back in 2nd half vs. Bills (updated)

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To about 75 percent of the Patriots' fanbase, you could probably file this under "useless information."

When all you've known for 20 years is winning — especially in the AFC East against the Bills — and in the clutch time after time, there's really nothing you can say to put lipstick on the pig that was the Patriots' 24-21 loss in Buffalo on Sunday.

Cam Newton fumbled. The defense can't stop the run. They lost. They stink.

That may all be factually true, but here's another truth that may or may not be too late for this Patriots' team: the offense played really well in the second half — especially Newton — and they may be back on the upswing.

The run defense and the Lollipop Guild? Sorry, can't help you. They're terrible.

But the Patriots have a little something cooking on offense and I'm excited to see what's next.

The plays that stood out:

1ST & 10 AT BUF 37
(5:52) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass short middle to J.Meyers to BUF 23 for 14 yards (T.Johnson, D.Marlowe). PENALTY on NE-S.Mason, Illegal Use of Hands, 10 yards, enforced at BUF 37 - No Play.

Ok, so it was called back by penalty, but this was Newton staring down a six-man pressure, the blocking holding up, and Newton going from his first read to his second and being decisive with his throw. That's huge progress from where he was in his previous three starts.

3RD & 10 AT BUF 37(04:15)
(4:15) (Shotgun) R.Burkhead left tackle to BUF 27 for 10 yards (J.Poyer).