Damien Harris, Jakobi Meyers continue to stake claim for larger role in Patriots offense

(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

For as encouraging as his individual stat line was in the aftermath of the Patriots' crushing 24-21 loss to the Bills, Damien Harris wasn't going to expend much energy waxing poetic about his game on an afternoon where New England likely relinquished its best shot at righting the ship in 2020.

"Losing is very frustrating," Harris said. "I'm sure everybody on this call has lost something before and it's just not a good feeling. So the frustration levels are definitely high. Moral victories mean nothing in this organization. We're frustrated, I'm frustrated. Team is frustrated. So you just got to do better. I mean, there's, there's really no other way to put it, we just got to do better."

Cam Newton's last-minute fumble, heinous tackling and a porous run defense all factored heavily into New England's fourth consecutive loss (the first stretch of such futility since 2002), but the cherry on top of Sunday's defeat was that it spoiled a showing from the Patriots' offense that, for the first time in a long time, actually strung together some encouraging drives.

Granted, bemoaning a wasted effort from some of the Patriots' offensive personnel pales in comparison to the larger season-wide (and potentially franchise-altering) implications brought upon thanks to a loss like this.

But as New England looks to trudge its way through the rest of this 2020 campaign and look to the future, Sunday stood as a stark reminder that, even if the Pats' offense is still primarily stuck in neutral, there are still some diamonds in the rough in the form of both Harris and Jakobi Meyers — both of whom deserve larger roles on this club moving forward.