NFL Notebook: Depending on where you sit, Robert Kraft was either the hero, villain or a little of both in Jimmy Garoppolo trade

Jimmy Garoppolo comes home today, as the 49ers visit the Patriots.

The storylines are just too delicious.

On one sideline you'll have Bill Belichick watching the player he wanted to start Dynasty 3.0 with. On the other, you'll have Kyle Shanahan, who was so stunned by Belichick's trade offer for Garoppolo nearly three years ago to the day — just a second-round pick — that he prepared a counter offer just in case Belichick wised up.

And up in the owner's booth will be Robert Kraft, who made today's scenario happen.

If you were grateful for Tom Brady's final two seasons in New England, and that shiny sixth Lombardi Trophy, then you should be thanking Kraft.

If the Patriots' offense with Cam Newton is clunky for his third-straight start and the Patriots lose to the 49ers to drop to, gasp, 2-4 to start the season, then maybe you're a little ticked at the Patriots' patriarch.

Or maybe you just have mixed feelings about all of it. That's understandable. Just don't let Kraft's role in all this get snowed as he has become the first of the trio to get their side out (The Dynasty by Jeff Benedict is available at the Pats Pro Shop now!). Because if it was fully up to Belichick, Brady would have been gone after the 2017 season and Garoppolo would be in the midst of his third season as the Patriots' starting QB.