Grading Brady: Ahead of TNF, Tom Brady & Bucs started heating up against a well-worn foe

(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Tom Brady and the Bucs will be back in action on Thursday night football, and we'll be seeing a Brady who is getting increasingly comfortable with his new surroundings.

Conversely, the Patriots have basically bottomed out the past two games at quarterback and had to find other ways to be 1-1 against the Raiders and Chiefs.

Don't be wowed, however, by hearing Brady's gaudy statistics with 369 yards and five touchdowns. Brady played well, mind you, especially from the end of the second quarter on. But there were some empty yards and scores in that mix because there were some big-time coverage busts by a young Chargers secondary, and Brady always tears up the zone-based defense of Chargers coordinator Gus Bradley.

Don't you remember?

Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels send another scheme, coordinator into irrelevance

So Brady did what Brady does against Bradley and the Chargers, outside the pick-six.

A look at that play, some others and Brady's grade from this game: