Patriots-Chiefs on track for 7:05 p.m. ET Monday … right now



Patriots players and coaches were told in a team meeting this morning that the plan is for them to fly and play in Kansas City on Monday, pending further testing.

To this point, there have been no more positive tests outside of Cam Newton. He was moved to the Covid-19 reserve list, which means his positive result was confirmed.

As Dr. Jessica Flynn pointed out in regards to Newton: "If he is symptom-free, he may return to play in as soon as five days with two consecutive negative tests, 24 hours apart. If he does develop symptoms, the starting quarterback would be out for a minimum of 10 days and for at least 72 hours after symptoms resolve. Of course, in both instances, he would need to be cleared by a team physician and that may include a cardiac workup."

The Patriots are working virtually right now. Multiple sources have told BSJ that there's some relief that the testing keeps returning negative results, but there's uneasiness among some players and coaches that they're being put on a plane since positive tests could happen days after being exposed. The reaction to traveling and playing the same day hasn't been great either.