Red Sox

McAdam: The 2020 Red Sox final report card

(Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

Let's address the obvious point first: no, the entire class didn't flunk. It only seemed that way at times.

Then again, not everybody passed, as befits a team that finished with the worst winning percentage for a Red Sox team since 1932.

Without further ado:


Christian Vazquez: B
Started hot at the plate, then finished the same way. But in between, there wasn't a lot of offensive production. Even his caught-stealing percentage (30 percent) was the lowest of his career.

Kevin Plawecki: A-
"Revelation'' is too strong a word, perhaps, so let's say that Plawecki was a very pleasant surprise. He finally made good on his offensive potential. Defensively, he was only adequate, but he established himself as an above-average catcher, a hole the Sox have been looking to fill for several seasons.

Bobby Dalbec: B+
Sure the 42.4% strikeout rate is alarming. But figure that will come down at least somewhat as he makes adjustments. The raw power is a thing of beauty, and though he had some clumsy moments at first, he's athletic enough to get better there, too. Did I mention the raw power?

Michael Chavis: D+
Two seasons in, who is he? An everyday player with plus power but is strikeout prone? A super-utility option? A platoon candidate? He gets points for a willingness to play everywhere and works to get better defensively, but it's hard not to see this year as a significant step backward.