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McAdam: A lot to like about Tanner Houck’s first week in the Red Sox rotation

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Yes, it's just two starts. Yes, they've come with his team far out of contention, making for the perfect relaxed environment.

And no, none of this is to suggest Tanner Houck is necessarily guaranteed future greatness, or even a permanent spot in the Red Sox starting rotation in 2021, though, frankly, the odds on the latter are getting better every day.

So sure, some perspective is needed. But it's hard not to be impressed with what he's shown.

Here's what we now about Houck after two outings at the major league level.

1. He's got poise to spare.

Houck doesn't rattle, although he's been so effective, that quality hasn't been put to the test often in his first 11 innings.

But in his debut in Miami and again Sunday against the Yankees, Houck wasn't dealing with jitters or doubting his worthiness on a major league mound. He wasn't cowed by some pretty intimidating hitters in the Yankee lineup. And on the occasions where he got himself into a little bit of trouble, he quickly figured out how to extricate himself from the mess.

He hit the second batter of the game (Luke Voit) and then erased him with a double play. In the third, after Rafael Devers' throwing error enabled Clint Frazier to reach, Houck again got a double-play ball.

He kept chugging along through the New York order until, through five innings, he hadn't allowed a hit. When Tyler Wade put an end to any no-hitter thoughts, Houck followed by walking D.J. LeMahieu before -- you guessed it -- taking him of that with his third double-play grounder.

No muss, no fuss.