Grading Brady: If Tampa’s offensive issues continue, it’s going to be Tom Brady vs. Bruce Arians

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More than any other season, the caveat, "It's only Week 1," should generously be applied this NFL season. We all know why. No reason to rehash.

And with Tom Brady, a new quarterback in a new system with the Buccaneers, that will definitely be the case this season. The Bucs will be much better on offense 4-8 games down the road then they were in the 34-23 loss at New Orleans.

That's if Brady and Bruce Arians get on the same page. After Arians called out Brady's play after the game (incorrectly on the first interception) and again on Monday, I don't think that's definitely going to happen. If Brady and his wife bristled at Bill Belichick's tough internal critiques of Brady — treating him like ‘f—–g Johnny Foxboro' — how are they going to react to the ringless Arians doing it publicly?

But more than that, what struck me about watching Brady in the Bucs' offense was that they were trying to be everything to everybody, and that rarely works in the NFL ... and that could lead to a battle.