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Podcast & Video: Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast, Ep. 3 – Newton/Brady energy debate; 53-man reax; Caserio’s role?

The Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast with Nick Cattles

Ep. 3: Tom Brady's attitude; 53-man reaction; Caserio's blame

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Cam Newton's great energy has been a big topic of discussion — much to Bedard's chagrin — does that mean Tom Brady's was that bad in his final season-plus? Bedard says, yes it was.

Reaction to the Patriots' cut down to 53 players and the drafting deficiencies it revealed, especially at linebacker.

The Patriots' season hinges on which player...

In our Member Question of the day, Laura asks where is Nick Caserio's blame in the Patriots' personnel issues? Should he be fired?