NFL Notebook: A relaxed, confident Cam Newton is great sign for the Patriots

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(David Silverman/New England Patriots)

There are, really, two ways to enter New England Patriots' football organization as a veteran player from another team.

Either you adapt to an environment that is unique to most other places in the NFL, or you expect the environment to adapt to you, especially if you're a big personality accustomed to having your football world catered to you.

There's little question that when Cam Newton came to the Patriots, one of the biggest concerns about the new quarterback was how he would fit in with New England and, specifically, Bill Belichick.

Newton is a mega player, meaning he's spent his whole football life as the sun while others rotated around him. From Westlake High School in Atlanta, to Florida, Blinn College, Auburn and the Carolina Panthers, the man who entered the NFL wanting to be an "icon" was the show, the center of attention, the No. 1 recruit, the franchise player. Everyone and everything was catered to him. If Newton wasn't happy, not many others were happy.

Now, suddenly, at age 31, Newton was going to a team where the 53rd player on the roster is treated the same as the franchise quarterback, and vice versa.

There was bound to be a culture shock. You wondered how that might affect the final on-field football product.

Well, if first impressions count for anything, Newton and the Patriots could fit just fine, thanks.

In his first appearance with the media this week, Newton