Bedard: Now that the CBA tweaks are done, Patriots & other teams know ground rules for 2020 season

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

The NFL and NFLPA have finally agreed to the adjustments to the CBA for the 2020 season, which means the ground rules are basically set for an NFL season unlike any other. A look at the major points, and then we'll get into some thoughts on them:

• A player can be moved to the Covid-19 list up until 4 p.m. the day before a game, and the team can sign a player in any manner until then (but the player is going to have to come from the practice squad since outside players have to test for four days). A player can be swapped for a practice squad player up until 90 minutes before kickoff.

• Players will get an accrued season if they are on the reserve lists, including Covid-19, in Week 1.

• Teams can contest a player receiving a football-related injury designation (including Covid-19) if they deemed the player to have taken part in "high-risk Covid-19 conduct."

• High-risk conduct includes (unless player is wearing PPE and less than 10 people there): indoor clubs, indoor bar (other than to pick up food), house gatherings of more than 15 people, indoor concert, a professional sporting event, attending any event prohibited by local laws.

• If a player tests positive in the pre-entry testing period, he can't be cut.

• Players may request housing from the team due to high-risk people in their dwelling on or before Week 1 of the season.

• Players may be fined up to $50,000 for refusing to be tested. It may be increased to fine/suspension for up to four weeks.

• Fines, without warning, for refusing to wear masks, the proximity tracking device and social distancing.

• Behavior prohibitions go for all Tier 1 or 2 team personnel, including coaches.

• Players can only opt-out after the 4 p.m. Thursday deadline with a new high-risk diagnosis, or a family member has a Covid-19-related situation.

• The contract of a player who opts out will now toll in its entirety, including bonus proration.

• Player benefits will decrease by $17 million per teamTaken off the books for this year: second career savings plan, annuity, severance pay, performance-based pay, tuition assistance, playoff bye week pay, and Pro Bowl pay (unless Pro Bowl is played).

• Practice squads: 16 players with up to six having no limit on accrued seasons; protect up to four each Tuesday.

• Starting 4 p.m. ET Sept. 6, unlimited players can return from injured reserve, after three weeks.