Bedard: If you think a video tells you who will be the Patriots’ starting QB, turn in your fan card

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To be honest, it kind of took me by surprise as well.

The Patriots finally got around to announcing that Cam Newton officially signed as a member of the Patriots, and the organization released this video.

Yup, the New England Patriots released a social media hype video to announce the signing of a free agent.

Well, knock me over with a hoodie with cut-off sleeves.

As far as we know, Bill Belichick is still the football czar at One Patriots Place. He might not MyFace or InstaBook, but the organization knows how to go viral.

Everyone wanted to know what it meant.

Obviously Newton's the starting quarterback, right?
There's no way they put that out and he's the backup or even cut.
When have the Patriots ever done anything like this before?!

Ok, slow down there Gridiron God.

Do the Patriots believe that if Newton stays healthy in camp (whenever that is), that he's the odds-on favorite to be the starter?

Yes. But if you think that's a given since he's needed rotator cuff surgery after his last two seasons, you're crazy. He could indeed have a chronic shoulder problem that needs monitoring and could cut into his camp reps.

But if you think, before Newton has done one single thing as a Patriot, that he's locked up the starting quarterback position, then that would mean completely ignoring the previous 20 years of Belichick's tenure with the Patriots.

Or, as one Patriots source put it:

"You think Bill