Red Sox

McAdam: As other MLB teams deal with inadequate testing procedures, Red Sox have had far fewer issues

(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

Across Major League Baseball on the holiday weekend and into Monday, testing for COVID-19 proved highly problematic. Two teams canceled workouts Sunday and two more followed Monday - unsure about whether they were putting their players and staff members in harm's way.

The cancellations seemed to, for a time at least, call into question whether it's indeed feasible -- or even wise -- for MLB to get the 2020 season in.

At Fenway Park, however, there have been far fewer hiccups to date. The Sox have had at least two positive tests pop up, and a couple of others are pending. But there's been no widespread issues with obtaining timely test results. Nor have the Red Sox faced a situation as the Los Angeles Angels did, when testing personnel failed to show up at the ballpark as scheduled.

In general terms, Red Sox players have been encouraged by the health and safety protocols that have been put in place by the organization. And the chaos that has enveloped other training camps hasn't, to date, hit Fenway. And the players surveyed praised the Red Sox for taking the necessary steps to provide a safe working environment.

"Obviously, there's a lot of uncertainty right now,'' said veteran first baseman Mitch Moreland. "But I'm hoping we get to finish the season, for sure. It seems like the Red Sox have gone out of the way to do everything they can to put us in a good situation. We've got hand sanitizer, masks and gloves everywhere. I think we're in a good spot here. We just have to be smart about it and try to go about it the right way.''