Tales From The Press Box: Brian Flores is always watching – and will let you know about it

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

An occasional series from BSJ writers with interesting stories/interactions that have happened throughout our careers...


Well, this was a first ...

The locker room following the Patriots' stunning comeback over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX was almost like a zombie zone — no one was sure what just happened nor what to make of it. Even many of the Patriots players sat in their lockers seemingly dazed, yet euphoric, about what had just happened. I know I was kind of numb. So much to process. So little time.

Scoring 14 unanswered points against that Seattle defense in the fourth quarter to win 28-24 just never happens.

Malcolm Butler colliding with Ricardo Lockette and intercepting Russell Wilson's pass on the 1-yard line just doesn't happen.

All of it was stunning, as the Patriots' got off their Super Bowl "schneid" for the first time in a decade and started another run of three titles in four years.

Still sort of gathering my thoughts, I stuck my microphone into a scrum in the Patriots locker room. Not sure who was talking, but it was on the offensive side of the room.

But I do remember getting a tap on the shoulder.

It was Brian Flores, who was then the safeties coach for the Patriots. He's now the head coach of the Dolphins.

"You didn't think we could do it!" he proclaimed.

I was stunned and confused.

What was he talking about? I was bullish on the 2014 Patriots from the first day I laid eyes on them in camp. Even after they got killed in Kansas City to 2-2, I said this team was way better than what they've shown and ripped into the coaches to coach the players up better. I even picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

"Brian, what are you talking about? I picked you before the season ... picked you this week," I replied.

"Ok, sure, you know what I'm talking about," Flores said, with a grin.

He walked back to celebrate with his players. I turned back to the scrum, trying to think of what he meant.

What the hell was he talking about? Did he have the right overweight, white sports writer (there's a lot of us, we can blend together)?

Oh, now I remember.

Yup, I had it coming ... sort of.