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McAdam: MLB’s proposal to resolve salary issues hits an immediate dead end

When word leaked over the weekend that Major League Baseball's latest economic proposal would come without any mention of a 50-50 revenue sharing plan, there was some reason for optimism.

That didn't last long.

If anything, Tuesday's proposal, put forth by MLB in a digital meeting with the Players Association, seemed to widen the gap between the two sides.

Was it posturing? Did MLB make this proposal with the idea that it was merely a starting point, fully realizing that the union would reject it out of hand?

That's impossible to say for now. What is known is this: the divide between players and owners is enormous and it's not alarmist to say that the status of the 2020 season is, for now, precarious.

The Players Association had already loudly signaled its disinterest in a revenue-sharing proposal, which it views as the start of a slippery slope toward a salary cap. But what MLB offered instead was no less inflammatory in the eyes of the union.

MLB offered