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McAdam: This week will likely determine whether the 2020 MLB season can be salvaged

To the frequently-asked question — "Are they gonna play baseball this year or not?'' — it would appear we'll soon have our answer -- perhaps even by the end of the week.

According to The Athletic, Major League Baseball is set to present the Major League Baseball Players Association with an economic proposal to cover the 2020 season. The plan, interestingly, does not include a request for revenue sharing.

That in itself could inspire increased optimism, since the PA had already labeled a request for revenue sharing a "non-starter,'' since the union believes acquiescing to such a plan would invariably lead to talk of a salary cap.

The owners' willingness to drop the revenue sharing proposal could be encouraging. Then again, the owners almost certainly will seek some sort of redress for the inability to play before paying fans. The players, meanwhile, counter that they had already agreed, in a March document, to pro-rated pay for whatever portion of the season was feasible. It's the union's stance that no further concessions -- fans or no fans -- need be made by their side.

That philosophical divide will have to be closed for an agreement to be reached and a season to be salvaged. But on a parallel track, there is the another, equally-pressing factor: the calendar.