Why Kemba Walker opened up his home to Grant Williams during quarantine

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When the NBA season came to an abrupt halt in March, each member of the Celtics' roster had a different gameplan for where they would spend their time during the quarantine. Some players stayed put in their homes around Boston but others spread out across the country to be closer to their families and warmer weather. The situation left rookie Grant Williams in a tough spot. The backup forward was torn between staying in his apartment by the practice facility or head back home to North Carolina for better weather to workout in. He knew he could stay with family but he also worried about exposing his grandparents to the virus by going in and out of the house when working out

As the power forward was debating his options, All-Star teammate Kemba Walker reached out. The point guard still has a home in the Charlotte area where he was headed during the quarantine period and offered his teammate a chance to bunk with him. The end result has been an unlikely duo of roommates for the last two months of quarantine.

“It’s been amazing,” Williams said on a Zoom video call on Wednesday. “Just hanging out. Relaxing, being able to get to know each other better, as well as work out together because we’re here, we’re isolated in our means and we have the means. It was just a great decision.

“He actually offered it because I was debating even coming home and I was worried because I knew I was going to be either in and out of the house, working out at different places if possible, or going somewhere to at least stay active. And I was like, ‘Ah, I could be with (grandparents?),’ and he said, ‘If you want, you can always stay with me’ and I took him up on the offer and I’m thankful for him.”

Williams is probably the chattiest member of the Celtics roster, a label that has earned him plenty of grief in