Red Sox

McAdam: Chris Sale determined to recover from Tommy John surgery

Chris Sale, naturally, wasn't hoping to undergo Tommy John surgery. He knows the rehab road ahead is a long and lonely one.

But in a sense, Sale is relieved that after months of uncertainty, he finally has some clarity to his situation.

"I'm actually really happy with where I'm at right now,'' said Sale in a conference call with reporters Tuesday. "I've been chasing a ghost for seven months right now. And to have a definitive answer and have a finish line. ... Everyone's like, 'Oh, this sucks, sorry to hear about the news...' But for me, this is the first hard answer I've had in a long time and at the end of the day, I know what I'm getting. I know what's at the end of this road.

"I've had doubts, I've had questions, for over half a year now. And now, obviously, this sucks. I'm putting my team in a tough situation and I'm relying on guys to pick up my slack, which is not my style, not my attitude, it's not what I want. But moving forward, I now know that I can get after this rehab. It's going to be nine to 14 months of just getting after it and being able to get my body back in shape. And I'm going to have a better elbow than I did before. That gives me confidence going forward.''