Red Sox

MLB Notebook: What the new agreement between MLB and the MLBPA means for the Red Sox

We don't know when the 2020 Major League Baseball season will start.

OK, that's not quite accurate. We don't know if the 2020 Major League Baseball season will start. But such is the ambiguity of these times.

What we do know is that this season, should it take place, will likely resemble no other. It almost certainly is not going to include the standard 162 games. It will finish - if it starts at all -- way past the originally planned Sept. 27 finish.

It could include regular-season games in October and postseason games in November. It could include games with no fans, or reduced capacity. It could involve games played at neutral sites.

It will involve more separate-admission doubleheaders in order to squeeze more games into a smaller time frame. It will feature fewer off-days.

The postseason format could be novel. It could involve an expanded field of 14 teams, as opposed to the current plan for 10.

In short, we don't know what we don't know. Much depends on the re-start date.

But here's a look at some issues that could -- directly or indirectly -- the Red Sox.

FREE AGENCY: In their agreement, MLB and the MLBPA essentially agreed that free agency will remain unchanged. That is, if a player was due to qualify for free agency after the 2020 season, that will still be the case -- whether teams play 130 games or none at all.