Bedard: Sounds like reality starting to set in with Tom Brady on life after Patriots

(Getty Images)

He said all the right things, as he always does.

When you combine one of the smartest quarterbacks ever with image and business concerns, you have among the most polished athletes since Derek Jeter.

That's Tom Brady, the icon.

So when Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (Editor's note: Gross) was announced to the world for the first time on Tuesday, Brady knew all the checkmarks he had to hit: Sound excited for the opportunity with the new team for the fans buying tickets, don't sound overly excited because of the pandemic many are suffering through, be respectful of the Patriots and their fans who have supported Brady through thick and thin throughout his career — without much thin, right Bill? — who will continue to support his business endeavors.

Brady dinked and dunked all the way through the press conference, just like he did for so many game-winning drives. It's what he does.

But it sure sounded like Brady, for the first time,