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MLB Notebook: A look back at another “second spring training” year; an All-Time Sox-only team

(Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

In a best-case scenario, baseball will resume from its stoppage and the 2020 season will be held, albeit shortened.

That will eventually necessitate a second spring training to prepare for the re-start. Best guesses are that MLB will hold an abbreviated "second'' spring training in order to get players back in shape, but mostly, to enable pitchers to rebuild arm strength.

All of which delivers a bit of deja vu. We have all been here before, remember?

Some context: The year was 1995. After a strike by the players wiped out the final two months of the 1994 season and the World Series, owners assembled replacement players for the spring of 1995. Players from independent leagues, some from the minors and others off the street cluttered rosters in February and March.

But just before the scheduled start of the season in early April, a federal judge (current Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor) ruled that the owners had operated in bad faith and ordered the striking players back to work. Thus. baseball hit the reset button and held a second spring training, this time with the "real'' players back in camp. The start of the season took place in late April and began an abbreviated 144-game schedule.

Then, as now, the Sox were run by a manager who was beginning his first season in the Boston dugout.