NBA Notebook: Taking stock of the Celtics’ draft stash if NBA regular season doesn’t resume

(Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

The 2019-20 regular season is on hold until further notice and it won’t be back anytime soon according to top health experts. There is a high chance that even if the 2020-21 season eventually resumes this summer, there will be no more regular-season games played or a very limited sample depending on the timing of clearance leading into the postseason.

Based on those developments, let’s take stock of where the current Celtics draft stash stands and where the picks could end up if a few regular-season games end up being played this summer.

Grizzlies first-round pick (top-6 protected in 2020, unprotected in 2021)

Record: 32-33 (No. 17)

Analysis: This is the spot with probably the biggest range for the Celtics depending on if more games are played. The pick currently sits in a worst-case scenario for Boston since the Mavericks (No. 18) are seven games above the Grizzlies in the standings. The main variable that could come into play here for this spot (barring the resumption of a full regular season schedule) is the idea of a play-in tournament for the No. 8 seed for the Western Conference since there were still several teams within striking distance of the Grizzlies’ spot with just under 20 games to play. If Memphis fails to win that tournament, they will fall back into the lottery, although it would be expected that they would claim the No. 14 draft spot due to their high record. If the league goes with a few warmup regular seasons games before the postseason begins this summer (instead of a play-in tournament), the Grizzlies would still be locked into a playoff spot since they hold a 3.5 game lead at the moment. There’s an outside chance they could fall down to No. 15 or 16 if they fall below Brooklyn or Orlando in the standings (within two games of the Grizz).

If there is a play-in tournament, the other wildcard factor will come down to health. Not only would the