Red Sox

McAdam: Former Pawsox GM-VP, now owner of two minor league franchises, patiently waiting for game to re-start

Baseball's shutdown in the Age of the Coronavirus means different things to different people.

At the major league level, it means a drop in profits for the likes of John Henry, the Steinbrenner family and Jerry Reinsdorf.

But each has the resources to survive for a few months, or, should it be necessary, the rest of the season. Some have other business interests, and their net worth protects them against a temporary economic downturn.

At the minor league level, however, where the pockets aren't nearly as deep, the stakes are much higher. While minor league owners don't pay their players -- that responsibility lies with their major league affiliates -- there are still huge costs associated with running a business and competing for the entertainment dollar.

That goes double when you're operating a newly relocated franchise in a just-completed ballpark. And that's where Lou Schwechheimer finds himself these days.

For 35 years, Schwechheimer worked for the Pawtucket Red Sox, eventually becoming general manager. But after leaving Pawtucket, Schwechheimer became an owner himself. He owns the Tampa Bay Rays' Class A affiliate in the Florida State League in Port Charlotte, Fla., the Charlotte Stone Crabs.