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MLB Notebook: Taking some guesses about what the 2020 baseball season may look like

For now, we don't know what we don't know.

We don't know when baseball will return, and when it does, what it will look like. Will it have its standard 162-game schedule? Will it have a shortened schedule? Will the postseason format be the same?

Decisions on these matters -- and other issues that we can't yet anticipate -- will be made in the coming weeks and months.

What's certain is that baseball -- and all other sports, for that matter -- are about to experience something unprecedented. Sure there have been odd seasons before, due to wars, acts of terrorism and labor strife.

But we've never faced something like this before.

That makes predicting what lies ahead so perilous. But also, in some ways, a fun exercise.

So let's tackle a few likely scenarios/possible truisms/complete guesses and see what we can come up with in anticipation of what awaits us for the 2020 season, shall we?

1. Pitching will be even more important than usual.

Pitching is almost always paramount, and that's never been more true than now. Whichever teams manage their pitchers best over the shutdown will be that much better prepared when the season re-starts.

With most players seemingly headed home, it will be incumbent on pitchers to maintain some semblance of a throwing program in the interim. Spring training is as long as it is chiefly because of the need for pitchers to build arm strength. Given year-round conditioning, most hitters could be ready for games in a couple of weeks. It's a matter of getting their timing down.