Two-Minute Drill: Resetting the market for Tom Brady; Tag deadline pushed back, is FA next?

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Welcome to the Two-Minute Drill, a roundup of all the (mostly) Patriots-related offseason news you need to start your Tuesday. Grab your mochaccino or whatever, and let's boogie...


After the ominous developments over the weekend — and I don't know how Field Yates' reports can be viewed by Tom Brady other than a (final?) slap in the face by Bill Belichick and the Patriots (notice how I didn't say the Krafts ... they're trying to get as far away from this as possible) — it's time to reset the market for Brady from our previous thoughts because if it's not there already, it's inching toward it being more probable than not Brady is playing elsewhere in about a week.

And there are newish developments on the market front.


Tennessee Titans: I've long thought the Titans would be the favorite for Brady and that it makes a lot of sense for Mike Vrabel and Jon Robinson. Outside of the big market, the Titans could give Brady everything he appears to be seeking: respect, a partnership, weapons, good offensive line, contending team (in a weak division) and cap space.

But the Titans are in a really tough spot — unless Vrabel already has an agreement with Brady. Provided the new CBA gets done and they have one tag to use (on Derrick Henry), they could find themselves