The Quest for 7: Tom-nado wreaks havoc, Combine updates, Bergeron! Bergeron! Links 2.28.20

Morning! Welcome to The Quest for 7, where volunteer writer, Steven Viner, scours the net for seven Patriots related articles from other sites offering different points of view on the six-time champs. Paid subscribers not only get to read all seven, but they also get to check out his always fiery "Steve's Soapbox" at the end.

1. Now I can stop hyperventilating into a paper bag. Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal talks all of us TB12 fans off the ledge by letting us know to ignore the noise on Tom Brady and other Patriots combine thoughts. After nine hours, I think I'm ready to get off my therapist's couch.

2. Now that Bedard's column has us all thinking rationally, this next one makes complete sense. Tyler Sullivan of CBSSports reports that the new CBA may be the reason for lack of negotiations between Brady and the Patriots. If the result of the CBA drastically affects the contract New England can offer Brady, why not wait until after the vote to have "The Talk"?

3. BEWARE: This link features a download containing 768 pages of 2020 draft info from the staff at Pro Football Focus. Thanks you, Van, (one of my few readers) for sharing this draft gem! For a more detailed report from Boston Sports Journal's own Greg Bedard who's studying the combine closely, check out his NFL Scouting Combine Workouts, Day 1 - Tight ends in focus. Kmet impressed in this report. Hoping he's a poor-mans Gronk, and the Patriots trade down from 23 and take him.

4. Looks like Patriots' opposing offenses are waking up from their nightmare and realizing the Boogiemen no longer exist. Alex Barth of 98.5 The Sports Hub gives Patriots fans the hard truth that the team is set to choose between Kyle Van Noy and Jamie Collins. Regardless, we still have enough on D to make them check under their beds.

5. You'd think the Patriots' scouting staff would