Bedard: Players should turn this CBA down and drive harder bargain; 1 bye team is bad for NFL

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NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and NFLPA President Eric Winston (Getty Images)

The drumbeat started earlier this week. It grows louder by the day, seemingly the hour.

The new NFL collective bargaining proposal is great!


Look at the new money for the players! All the benefits!

What a load of malarkey.

I'll let you in on a little secret that's not all that secret: there are many influential members of the media who like their Park Plaza sources, and they also like the idea of the NFL having uninterrupted labor peace. The NFL is their business so, in many ways, they are basically an extension of the league's ownership.

What's good for the NFL, especially those employed by the league and TV rights holders, is good for them and their employers.

And then there are other media members with no skin in the game and just want to shoot you straight.

Up to you who you should listen to.

I'll tell you this: The players should reject this proposal. They should hold out for much, much more.

Why? Here are five reasons.

No. 1: The rush itself