Red Sox

McAdam: J.D. Martinez worried about losing access to in-game at-bats

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- As part of the fallout from the sign-stealing mess created by the 2017 Houston Astros, and to a lesser extent the 2018 Red Sox, commissioner Rob Manfred said Sunday that Major League Baseball is in negotiations with the MLB Players Association to limit player access to in-game video in 2020.

And J.D. Martinez is not happy.

Few players use video as extensively as Martinez. He has one of the Red Sox' video staff members film his daily batting practice sessions so he can review them. He uses video in the offseason to address hitches in his swing or set-up. And he's constantly tinkering -- sometimes in the middle of games -- and making adjustments.

If Manfred's promised policy is enacted, it will change Martinez's preparation in a significant way.

"One hundred percent,'' said Martinez. "That's who I am. Obviously, I heard that, too. I think to go out there and take all video out and you're not allowed to look at at-bats, I think is a little ridiculous in my opinion. When I was in the minor leagues, Double A, Triple A -- we had video systems. It's something we grew up with. You can go back and kind of check something in your swing. It helps you throughout the game and to all of a sudden take that away is a little extreme.

"If you want to delay it an inning, or you want to do something