Danny Ainge: Nothing on buyout market interests Celtics for now

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There are a number of intriguing names that have hit the buyout market in the best week, including Evan Turner, Tyler Johnson and Isaiah Thomas. However, Danny Ainge is not ready to make a move on any of those names just yet.

The president of basketball operations told Toucher and Rich this morning in his weekly interview the Celtics will be standing pat with their roster for the time being.

"There's nothing on the buyout market that we're interested in doing right now," Ainge said. "But we're going to continue to evaluate that all the way up until March 1."

Ainge was also asked specifically about the possibility of bringing aboard Thomas who is shooting over 40 percent from 3-point range this season but has struggled mightily with his mobility on the defensive end of the floor during his time with the Wizards this season.

"I think it's a challenge with Kemba (Walker) and Isaiah, the size at the guard position," Ainge said. "Coming off playing the Houston Rockets, as an example, their guards are huge. James Harden and Russell Westbrook are incredible athletes with power and strength. I think that makes it tough. I don't think that that is a great fit for our team right now. But again, Isaiah has skills, he has talents that we could use -- 3-point shooting and scoring. But we've talked about this, whenever you trying to fill a hole, you're creating another hole most of the time, unless that player is a two-way, big, solid player. We could use some of the things he does on a positive side, and his size and defense are not ideal for our team because we already have a small guard we have to work around in some matchups."

Ainge later added: “I love Isaiah, I'm not sure that he's the right fit for us, but I'm not sure that he's not. We're still evaluating to see who comes available on the open market. We're hoping that maybe somebody that's more of a need and a better fit, but who knows, we'll see."

Ainge was also asked about Marvin Williams who agreed to terms with the Bucks just hours after he was bought out by the Hornets last Friday. While failing to directly confirm that the C’s were also in the market for his services, he acknowledged Walter was pushing hard for him to join him in Boston.

"I do know that Kemba [Walker] was not very happy when he heard Marvin [Williams] was going to Milwaukee,” Ainge said. “I think that Kemba had felt like he had a good chance of him coming to Boston."

Williams made his debut for the Bucks last night off the bench, scoring nine points in 20 minutes in a loss to the Pacers.

“Well, I think Milwaukee is a very attractive team,” Ainge said of Williams' decision to choose to sign with the Bucks. “They have arguably the best player in the NBA that happens to play the same position as Marvin. They have the best player in the league that plays the four position but he handles the ball all the time, runs the offense too. They have the best record by a significant margin in the NBA. I think there are a lot of reasons why someone would choose Milwaukee.”

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