Bedard: Realistic Patriots QB options from the NFL ranks in a post-Tom Brady world

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Everything with the Patriots this offseason will revolve around the quarterback position. And while I still believe the odds are greater Tom Brady returns than not, the Patriots themselves are going over their options right now in the name of due diligence, so we might as well do the same.

We're not going to get into the big names (Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Tannehill, etc). who might be available — they're in their own category, looking for major dollars, and they might quickly be crossed off the list before Brady's fate is even known — or the draft picks because those decisions come down the road after free agency.

Here, we're going to look at the rest of the available quarterbacks — those the Patriots would realistically give some consideration to — and put them into different categories, including starters, bridges, competition and revisiting some favorable draft evaluations.


If acquired, these players would be viewed as the no-doubt starters in training camp.

Taysom Hill, Saints: Considering he'll be 30 next season and has never been a starter, there is obviously risk here but if you're contemplating signing him to an RFA offer sheet, you are pretty confident in his ability to be an immediate NFL starter. The Saints will