The Quest for 7: Patriots’ secret weapon, Trade ideas, Rule change, Links 2.7.20

Morning! Welcome to The Quest for 7, where volunteer writer, Steven Viner, scours the net for seven Patriots related articles from other sites offering different points of view on the six-time champs. Paid subscribers not only get to read all seven, but they also get to check out his always fiery "Steve's Soapbox" at the end.

1. The Professor is back! In his 5th of 6 stages in analyzing players, Boston Sports Journal's own, Greg Bedard, gives his findings and analysis on how the Patriots 2019 offense saw their talent level plummet. Some shocking and head-shaking numbers here. Let's all hope Bill Belichick the GM has a bounce-back year.

2. The Patriots love themselves some gooooood cornerbacks. Almost as much as Danny Ainge loves draft picks. (Man he is lucky a class-act like B-Robb covers the Celtics and I don't!) Doug Kyed of NESN explains this savvy Patriots move which makes me wonder, did the Patriots pull a fast one on the rest of the league by stashing this player? He'll certainly have my interest come training camp. Eyes emoji.

3. Brent Sobleski of Bleacher Report plays GM for the entire NFL and comes up with some intriguing ideal trade scenarios for every team. There are a couple ideas for the Patriots and everyone else in his column that would send a quake through the league if they ever came to fruition. I love one of his proposed Patriots trades while hating the other. Perhaps you could guess which sideline I'm on?

4. Like #2 on this list, here is another example of how the Patriots are playing Xbox, while everyone else is playing Atari. Bernd Buchmasser of Pats Pulpit shares this creative move New England has used several times, only to now have the league close one of the Patriots' favorite loopholes. Is anyone keeping track of how many rule changes have been made because the Patriots are just smarter than everyone else?

5. Like Boston Sports Journal, Pro Football Focus digs deep into the numbers and nuances of the game and gives us