Bedard: If Chargers are moving on from Philip Rivers, is Tom Brady really the best option?

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There was a little bit of news on the NFL offseason quarterback market and considering Tom Brady's impending free agency (if he gets there), everything has an impact on his situation.

Fox's Jay Glazer was on The Herd today and while his quote about Philip Rivers got the most attention — and it was really just in passing, not Glazer trying to make news — he had a few relevant tidbits on Drew Brees, Rivers and Brady:

"So Drew's in a different position than anybody else. The Giants have moved on from Eli, the Chargers moved on from Philip Rivers, Brady has a choice of where he's going to want to go. Brees, it's Saints or nobody. Sean Payton has already said, 'If (Brees) wants back, it's not a question in (Payton's mind).' It's a question of what Drew wants to do. They do have their quarterback of the future on the roster, too. That quarterback will be Taysom Hill. They believe he's a franchise quarterback. ... Sean has been very clear, 'We want Drew. We still want Drew as long as he wants to go.'

"(Brady) is not going to fit in everywhere because there are systems he's not going to want to be apart of. ... If I'm the Chargers, business model, I'm giving him a check and letting him put commas wherever he wants."

So now we know, definitively, that the Chargers are looking for a quarterback and Brees will likely be back in New Orleans (nobody's more plugged in with that franchise than Glazer, and I can't see Brees wanting to go out with another early playoff loss). Plus, it sounds like Hill is the QB of the future there ... not the QB now if Brees retires.

It sounds like the Chargers should be a key player for Brady. But will they? Let's breakdown where they are with everything — depth chart, salary cap, scheme — and see if the Chargers are really going to be coming for Brady, or perhaps someone else.