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BSJ Daily Briefing 01.23.20: Celtics win again; Hockey has turned into preschool; Eli not a HOFer

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Good afternoon!

A few random thoughts while I wonder if we're going to talk about Cooper Manning more now that the other two are done hogging the spotlight...

  • The Celtics actually trailed the Grizzlies last night, and then went on a tear to turn it into a laugher.
  • Jayson Tatum continued to look like a complete stud ... and then he strained his groin to put a damper on things.
  • The Bruins are off for a week because the NHL takes more vacations and holidays than my kids' school. First Christmas, now this. Seriously, what the hell? Play hockey.
  • Next thing you know, they'll schedule in-game nap times. How about storytime? Oh, and make sure every one of those rough and tough players gets a proper snack, too. Marchand likes Capri Suns.
  • Eli Manning is retiring and of course, he'll get into the HOF because they've all become Halls of The Very Good. Eli has two Super Bowls over the Patriots, that's it. If he played his career in Houston and won two Super Bowls over the Panthers and Packers, no one would care.
  • I'll always remember fondly how he led the Giants to ... (looks it up) .... three whole NFC East titles. He only did that once in the past nine years, and it was at 9-7. Way to elevate the whole program.

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