Red Sox

McAdam: As Red Sox ownership tackles Alex Cora’s departure, there are more questions than answers

Upon further review, maybe Red Sox ownership knew what it was doing when it didn't hold a press conference in the immediate aftermath of Dave Dombrowski's firing.

The organization drew a lot of criticism for not explaining the move or taking questions -- a less formal media availability was eventually scheduled weeks after the fact -- but based on Tuesday's press conference, it might have been the right call.

Because challenging as it may have been to tackle questions surrounding Alex Cora's departure Tuesday night, they shed little light on what happened and what's likely to happen next.

Principal owner John Henry, chairman Tom Werner and president/CEO Sam Kennedy spent the better part of a 45-minute press conference at Fenway Park extolling the virtues of Cora, maintaining they couldn't comment on nearly half the questions posed and insisted Cora wasn't fired, but rather, as the press release indicated, left as part of a mutually agreed-upon decision.

By the end, the press conference seemed to raise more questions than it answered, which is never the goal and hardly a good thing.

Among the issues left unaddressed or not fully answered: