The Quest for 7: A Patriots Picasso, Key Player Info, 2nd Round Recap, Links 1.14.20

Morning! Welcome to The Quest for 7, where volunteer writer, Steven Viner, scours the net for seven Patriots related articles from other sites offering different points of view on the six-time champs. Paid subscribers not only get to read all seven, but they also get to check out his always fiery "Steve's Soapbox" at the end.

1. Think all Greg Bedard knows is Patriots? Think again! The Head-of-Household for BSJ proves he's as versatile as Martha Stewart, as he Recaps the Titans-Chiefs, 49ers-Packers games. Martha Bedard gets his hands dirty planting a garden of knowledge on how Mike Vrabel's boys took out likely MVP Lamar Jackson. After washing up with homemade soap, Martha-B tightens the apron and bakes up a scrumptious depiction of the real reason Bill O'Brien choked before serving his guest readers handcrafted party favors that explain what went down in the NFC. With the big game coming, don't forget to book Martha Bedard for your Super Bowl Party!

2. My streak of finding positive Patriots stories remains intact. Like dusting off your old favorite DVD and snuggling up with a warm cup of Irish coff—, I mean, cocoa, Mike Lowe of Portland Press Herald can sense fans suffering through Pats withdrawals, so he brings you back to these epic moments. Get ready. You'll be able to sand the floor with your goosebumps!

3. Henry McKenna of Patriots Wire reports on how center David Andrews feels about a possible return in 2020. The saying, "You don't know what you got, 'til it's gone" has never been truer. Coach Dante Scarnecchia found out quick that what Andrews was to the Patriots offensive line, was what Steve Carell was to The Office. Without him, the pass and run blocking swirled right down a Gillette Stadium toilet.

4. In my Salty Tears Take of the day, Noah Ram of the Independent Florida Alligator (Ummm. What?) reports that The Patriots Dynasty may be over. Everyone! Stop what you're doing! You, call CNN! You, call the papers! I'll call the president! Mr. Ram, Hack Kellerman, every other Patriots-hating reporter out there. Just ... shut up. Write an article about this historic run ending after it is clearly done. Predicting the dynasty is over at this point — twenty years going, Tom Brady a fossil by NFL standards — is pathetic and weaker than the four-year-old air freshener in my car. For some extra witty sarcasm, here's Michael Hurley of CBS Boston: NFL seeks 'greatest moment' in history, oddly overlooks every single Patriots moment. Hurley lays the 'casm on thick!

5. With the exception of Boston Sports Journal, no one breaks down film and analytics like